Children’s Menu

Garlic Bread (v)
Lightly grilled garlic ciabatta.

Crunchy Vegetable Dippers (v)
Crunchy sticks of fresh vegetables with a choice of soured cream or BBQ dip.

Fish Fingers
Delicious cod fish fingers in crispy golden breadcrumbs.

Beef Burger (v)
2oz* beef burger in a lightly toasted bun.
Add mozzarella for an extra 25p.

Chicken Burger
Tender chicken breast in a lightly toasted bun.

Scrummy Pork Sausages
Pork sausages and gravy.

Breaded Mushrooms (v)
Served with BBQ sauce.

Chicken, Beef or Pork
served with roast potatoes and mash, Yorkshire pudding, stuffing ball and a selection of vegetables and gravy.

£3.49 including sides

New York Chicken
Chicken breast topped with bacon, BBQ sauce and melted mozzarella.

Squidgy Cheese & Tomato Pizza (v)
Tomato based pizza topped with cheese.

Ice Cream Boat
Wafer boat filled with chocolate and vanilla flavoured ice cream topped with cream, chocolate coated honeycomb pieces, chocolate flavour sauce and two wafers.

Hartley’s™ Jelly Pot
Low sugar jelly pots. Choose your favourite from; raspberry, orange or strawberry flavour.

Jelly & Ice Cream
Choose any of the above jelly flavours, served with a scoop of vanilla, strawberry or chocolate flavoured ice cream.

SpongeBob™ Ice Cream Pots
Dairy ice cream made fresh on the farm by Beechdean. Choose from three delicious flavours; vanilla, strawberry or chocolate.

Chips (v)

Salad (v)

Rice (v)

Alphabetti Spaghetti (v)

Garlic Bread (v)

Peas (v)

Crunchy Vegetable Dippers (v)

Baked Beans (v)

Sweetcorn (v)

Carrots (v)

(V) These dishes on our menu are suitable for vegetarians. Whilst we take care to preserve the integrity of our vegetarian products, we must advise that these products are handled in a multi-kitchen environment. All our food is prepared in a kitchen where nuts, cereals containing gluten and other allergens are prepared and our menu descriptions do not include all ingredients. Guests concerned about the presence of allergens
in our food are welcome to ask a member of the team for assistance before ordering. You can also visit our website for allergy and nutritional information. *Approximate uncooked weight. Changes to items within the dish may alter the overall nutritional value. Hartley’s and SpongeBob™ are registered trademarks. All prices include VAT. All items are subject to availability. Management reserve the right to withdraw any offer at any time.
We accept all major credit and debit cards supported by a valid PIN number and cash.